Welcome fellow adventurer,

Your  quest for a shelter in this world where danger lurks
at every turn has finally come to an end .The guardians
guild will  provide you protection for the rest of  your
NeverWinter Nights adventure, that is of course only if you
wish us to.


The guildmaster

So with the guild cleaned up our first traget is new members.Go out there and find them.


Why should you join our guild?
1)In this guild every character is allowed to join and we don't 
mind whatever  the race or the class
2)In this guild you will be an active member whatever the rank  
you have and you will all have a word in all the actions the 
guild takes (by vote that is)
3)Everybody will be given the chance to move up and acquire the 
best possible ranks.

Recent news:
Xantukar a druid has joined the guild.He is one of the first sworn to be active members.
A Guild mailing List has been created.Whatever you want to send to the whole guild can be sent by it.
All members will be in it.
So Guys that was it.We are cleaned up.With only barely a handfull of members we still
will stand strong and fill the guild with new blood.So let's search for members who deserve
to be in the historical Guardians Guild which let's not forget is one of the first NWN guilds.
 guild reopened let's welcome 
yet another member E Z Pickens a druid who will help us make the guild as it should be!
 A new wizard has joined our guild.This latest adition is important for no other reason other than the mere fact he 
is the last member to join the Guardians Guild.
Johnie Merlin a hardened wizard who has seen many battles has decided to join our guild and add his magical 
prowess in our guild's strength
I am not very happy to announce the first demotion I am forced to make because of idle memebers.Orion Hunter is 
demoted to the rank of spy from the rank of Master Assasin.His place is taken by Diabolo who has been halping me 
in making the guild all these times and has finally his own connection to the internet and will post in the forums.
Chelee Swift a powerful cleric has joined our guild to aid us against the power of other rival guilds which are now
Chameleon a gnome illusionist has joined our guild.We are eagerly awaiting for his posts in the forums to tell us 
about his tactics with illusionist spells
Two new members have joined our guild.Their names are: Vaston Derthel and Kerens Daim.
The World Of Azhurak is going to be our Guild's world.Everybody will be able to get int but only guild members
will have access to the guild's city
We have another ranger in our guild.He is Verjako and he has taken the rank of a guard
At last another arcane spellcaster has joined our guild.(It was about time.I was bored of all you fighters.(Just 
Kidding))His name is Ossian Dalant
A paldin's power has been added into our guild.Welcome to Nathaniel Enwigton our new guild member.
 A new ranger named Luth W'ei has joined the Guardians guild community.
The guild finally has a new thief in its members.Everybody welcome Perac Nefzen!
A new member is with us.All welcome Axeminster the Half-Orc barbarian who is here to stay!

We would like to thank all those who prefer
the guardians guild for their neverwinter nights
adventure whose number is: