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Ranking system :

The guildmaster is the ultimate rank of the guild. His authority is not to be questioned and everybody answers to him before doing something.

The commander is the right hand of the guildmaster. Everybody else except the guildmaster  answers to him.

The fighters rankings:

Weapons master:
The weapons master is the ultimate melee fighter. His specialty in hand to hand combat is undeniable. He is the most likely person to be sent in a guild champions duel.

Eldest  fighters:
The eldest fighter is a fighter who has reached the highest skills in melee fighting. He tries to prove his worth to the weapons master at every chance.

Veteran fighters:
The veteran fighter is a rank above the crusader and one under the Eldest Fighter. He is in the middle of an extremely good career in hand to hand combat.

The crusader  is a fighter who tries to protect the guild at every cost. He is a sworn enemy to all those who defy the guild. 

The guard is a fighter who has just started his career in melee combat. He has along way to go if he is to reach the highest level but he is a formidable foe to all the enemies of the guild.

The mage rankings:

Arcane master:
The arcane master is  the master in the Arcane arts. None else in the guild can defeat him as long as magic are concerned. He is to be sent in a Mage duel between guilds.

The Archmage is a rank under the Arcane master. He is often being taught new tricks by him.

Leading sorcerers:
The leading sorcerer is the mage who leads the guild troops into battle. He is a fierce foe to all those who face him.

The enchanter is appointed by the Arcane master to study and make connections from the guild to the lower planes and especially with the Astral plane.

The scholar is an apprentice in the Arcane arts. He studies in order to reach higher rankings in the guild.
The clerics rankings:

High priest:
The high priest is exactly what it implies. The highest  of priests.He makes arrangements with even the highest of the demilords of the lower planes to favor the guild.

The templar is a ranking under the high priest and is his apprentice. He is the second better demon summoner in the guild.

Guild fanatics:
The guild fanatics are clerics who have devoted their lives to protect their guild. Their power in battle is superb. None can stand against them. 

Temple guards:
The temple guards are priests who are doing all they can to protect the guild's temple.

The healers are clerics who have just started their training in the clerics path. They have a long way to reach the highest ranks.

The druids rankings:

Master druid:
The master druid is  the highest druid ranking in all the guild. He can even talk to the earth and shape it into everything he desires .

Elemental summoners:
The elemental summoner is a druid who is specialized in elemental summoning. He answers to no other druid but the druid master

Earth shapers:
The earth shaper is one who tries to master the druidic arts so that he can call the earth for help whenever he needs her to.

Master shapeshifters:
The master shapeshifter is a druid who has mastered the arts of shapeshifting and turns himself into an animal of his liking.

Nature friends:
The nature friend is a druid apprentice who has just started to practice the druidic arts.

The thieves rankings:

Master assassin:
The master assassin is the master in all thieving arts. He is the one whom the guildmaster will send into a sneaking mission.

The spy is the master of corruption. He is sent by the guildmaster to spy on other guilds.

The executioner is the master of executions. There is none he can not execute successfully.

The rogue is a bandit who has somehow mastered the thieving skills and tries to be promoted in higher ranks.

The bandit is but a common thief who has managed to enter into our guild  and tries to master the thieving arts.

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