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Member's Mods :
Guardian Mage:
General story:
The world of Azhurak is a great world with many cities and great 
empires which have risen and fallen since the dawn of time. It also 
has many unexplored dungeons, mountains , forests and places which
you surpass even the wildest of your imagination. Prepare to embark on
a great adventure in a brave new world.
Some of the kingdoms of Azhurak:
The Hegemony of Sorcery:
The Hegemony of Sorcery is a newly created kingdom which seems to be
evolving into an empire. Its founder Akilaroth is a human mage of considerable
knowledge about the arcane arts. He was born in a village raided by an orc raiding
party. None of his family survived and  he sworn to take his revenge. Eventually after
years of studying the Arcane Arts he found the orc camp which was responsible for
the slaughtering of his parents and eradicated it. This deed made the people of the 
surrounding areas admire him and pleaded him for guidance. He accepted the position
of king which was proposed to him and united all the surrounding areas in one city 
named Ocurath. His army has no melee fighters only sorcerers except of course for 
the magical creatures his sorcerers can summon. As a result the Hegemony of sorcery
is a place where a mage can learn a lot but also be accepted easily. The Hegemony of
Sorcery is planning attacks on the surrounding kingdoms to expand its influence.
Latest news:
The World Of Azhurak is going to be our guild's World  !
The World Of Azhurak will have a revolutionary death system. Death in Azhurak is going to be but a way to explore new planes
of existence or go back to the mortal plane.
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